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Aloa Marketing is a full-service digital media agency.


There's usually only one question: How can you get reliable sales and leads?


The first step is to get a sense of your larger brand objectives. Are you just starting out? Are you established but want to level up?

Find out which battles you can win, and get a sense of what's to come.

Climb Google Search

We've helped companies just like yours get hundreds of top 10 Google rankings.

Organic search traffic really is the gift that keeps on giving. Get conversions without spending more on ads.

Fast Content

Just like fast food, in the age of social media, people crave an endless stream of high-quality content. We call this "fast content".

There are expectations, specific to each digital platform, for how content should look and feel. And it needs to be delivered at break-neck speed.

Sustainable Growth

We've run the online presence of major brands, and we've grown brand followings from a few thousand to in the millions.

We believe that building a brand is the only path forward in this over-crowded landscape.

We build brands that last.

For us, a brand is different than a "company". We don't serve people trying to make a quick buck. We serve companies devoted to building a long-term brand.

We help companies look good, feel good, and write well. We work hard to find your unique offering and make sure that it's reflected in everything you do, from social to blogs, to email lists, and more.

We use a range of digital tools to improve every aspect of your web presence: UI/UX design, social media management, video/content creation, ad buying (Google and social), technical SEO, copywriting, conversion rate optimization, and more. We help you show up in the right places, at the right time, with the right message, and the right level of quality to stand out and build trust.

Case study: Zero to $20k per Month
We know the digital marketing landscape.

You don't need to watch the news to know that how we do business is changing rapidly. With algorithms governing our lives, a constantly rising bar for visual quality, and more and more businesses going digital, staying abreast of the latest trends is crucial to succeeding in this highly competitive world.

The internet is here to stay, but you need to spend all of your energy focusing on your business. Unless you're prepared for laser-like dedication to the craft of digital marketing, you're better off hiring a professional than trying to do it yourself. No, that book you bought on SEO isn't enough.

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Our Four-Step Strategy Will Get Your Business Moving

Building Your Platform
Technical SEO Overhaul
Content Strategy
UI/UX Design

Not all WordPress designers are created equal. It's not enough to just have the basics. If you really want to succeed, you need people who understand the end game (sales and leads) at the very start of the project. That way your foundation will always be strong. You can't just put a coat of paint on a bad foundation and expect to be the best.

Setting Up Hosting and Your Domain

You need a domain and top-notch hosting provider to start the process if you're brand new. We can help.

Merchant Services

We'll help you pick the right merchant services provider and get it integrated into your site.

WordPress and WooCommerce

We've built loads of mobile-friendly, SEO optimized and fast-loading websites that are designed to convert.

A Solid Foundation

With hosting, a domain, WordPress, WooCommerce, and merchant services set up, you're ready for your first eCommerce sale or lead.

Once your platform is set up, you'll need a technical SEO audit to make sure that your website is interfacing with both Google AND your customers in the most optimal way possible. Focusing solely on one or the other will mean that you're probably missing out on major opportunities.

Keyword Research

Most people think they have a decent idea of what keywords they want to rank for. However, data is a much better tool for spotting opportunities you might never have thought of. We spend hundreds each month on top-tier marketing and analytics tools, and pass the results to you.

Optimizing Content

Your web platform is a content machine. You've got images, text, videos, and more. ALL of these need to be optimized to help you win. Meticulous attention to detail here is absolutely crucial. A Ferrari is a Ferrari because 1,000 little things are all done right.

Analytics Set Up and Monitoring

How can you know what's working for your business if you're not actively monitoring the analytics of your site? We have years of experience working with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and virtually every other, industry-leading tool. We have an extensive suite of paid tools at our disposal, so you don't have to pay for them yourself.

Things You Probably Haven't Thought Of

Google has over 200 known ranking factors. Some of these are page speed, SSL, HTTP/2 and more. There's so much more to technical SEO than content and META tags alone. You can't just stuff keywords into your content and hope to win. Digital marketing is an increasingly complex game of chess.

Getting a perfectly optimized, responsive, Google-and-SEO-friendly site set up and running is a major first step. Especially when it's got great technical SEO and keyword research at its core. Once you have achieved this major milestone, a winning content strategy will attract new people and keep them on your site.

Blog Post Strategy

A winning content strategy is all about adding value for your users. At the same time, you need to cover your most important keywords. Creating real human value while pleasing the search engines is the challenge, and cheap copywriting is virtually guaranteed to miss the mark.

Social and Local

Social engagement (e.g. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram) is an important Google ranking factor. The same goes for local search, if your company also has a physical location. You need to cover it all. Does your brand have a clear and consistent presence across all channels?

Websites with constantly-updated, highly-relevant content will win in a crowded landscape. It's not enough to just generate content and hope for the best - you need a plan that's based on data, not guesswork. Our writers have over 10 years of experience in extremely competitive copywriting, with copious training to back it up.

What makes a website look and feel modern? Sleek? Sexy? Why do some sites look and feel like the future, and others like they were built 10 years ago?

It's all about the feeling.

We believe that the way a website feels - the way that people interact with it and its responsiveness - does more to create an "expensive" feeling than any hi-res image. We focus on the experience from day one.

Building your design language.

We help build brand consistency through creating common design elements. Fonts, colors, visual patterns. If your brand doesn't have a unified design language, it's hard for you to stand out.

What are the trends in design?

Our web browsers are becoming more powerful by the day. We can do things today that weren't possible 10 years ago. Taking advantage of these new capabilities helps your business stay ahead of the curve.


It's not enough to just use SEO, content, and ads to attract people to your business. You need to captivate them when they arrive. That's why we focus on strong calls to action and conversion rate optimization.


Happy Clients

"Aloa Marketing are experts at designing websites and marketing them. Thanks to them, they dramatically increased the speed of my website, doubled my organic traffic in less than a month, and revamped the design while fixing technical errors behind the scenes. They truly understand the totality of the digital marketing landscape.”

Debra Fine
Bestselling Author
The Fine Art of Small Talk

"Since the first time these guys started doing their magic, I noticed how much of an expert they are in all of their fields. From marketing, SEO, website and asset creation - no matter what obstacle we encountered, they were able to find a solution that has saved me time, money, and importantly left me feeling assured that whatever work was needed would get done. Guess what? It always does!”

Chongor Goncz
Pensado's Place
Award-winning YouTube Show

"I worked with [Aloa Marketing] on two different occasions in which they developed a training program. They understood our business needs well and were able to react quickly to them. The training fit our no-nonsense company culture well, and it was educational and fun at the same time. I would certainly involve them again in case of other training needs."

Simone van Kessel

"Writing is essential for promotion and marketing. They know exactly how to do it. Really happy with the work they did for me."

Armin van Buuren
World Top 10 DJ
Armada Music
SEO Agency Digital Marketing Firm Los Angeles

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