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Project Prioritization – eCommerce

by Aloa Marketing October 04, 2017 Content Marketing, eCommerce, Marketing, SEO, Technical SEO

Project prioritization is one of the hardest parts of an eCommerce business.

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WooCommerce Analytics Google - Aloa Marketing

WooCommerce Analytics – Get Better Insights Into Buying Behavior

by Aloa Marketing August 08, 2017 eCommerce, Marketing, SEO

WooCommerce Analytics is a powerful tool to get much more information than just "goal completions".

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Google Bounce - Get Those Numbers Down!

Google Bounce – Don’t Hit that Back Button!

by Aloa Marketing August 07, 2017 eCommerce, SEO, Technical SEO

This small trick will help your Google Bounce Rate improve.

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Pingdom & PageSpeed - Top SEO Company in Los Angeles

Pingdom & PageSpeed Insights – The Smart Way

by Aloa Marketing August 05, 2017 eCommerce, SEO, Technical SEO

Pingdom and PageSpeed insights are powerful tools - use them wisely!

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Conversion Rate Optimisation Agency Los Angeles

Conversion Rate Optimisation Agency Los Angeles

by Aloa Marketing August 02, 2017 eCommerce, Marketing, SEO

No conversion rate optimisation agency would be complete without a quick-and-dirty guide on how to start improving your conversion rates.

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