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A Great Content Strategy Is Like Fishing

A Great Content Strategy Is Like Fishing

by Aloa Marketing August 18, 2017
A Content Strategy That Works

A Content Strategy Is Like Fishing – No Really

When it comes to content strategy, one of the main things that clients of mine don’t seem to understand is this:

They want to rank for a thousand keywords, yet they have a website of a few generic pages.

The listing goes like this:




Yadda yadda yadda…

So the tendency is to think: How can I jam as many keywords as I can possibly think of into this page? The copy becomes something like this:

“Contact Us (Used Car Rentals Dallas)

For used car rentals Dallas contact information, email us, your used car rental provider Dallas at:

We look forward to offering you cheap used cars Dallas in the future!”

This may look a bit ridiculous, but only slightly, right?

I mean, you’ve seen this before a thousand times, haven’t you? Granted, as the internet progresses in general, these spammy tactics work less and less. Presumably in the not-too-distant future, they won’t work anymore at all.

A Content Strategy That Works

Let’s take a look at the content strategy of the most successful websites

What are the websites that Google considers to be “GOLD”?




And so on, right?

So why do these guys get found for everything under the sun?

The main reason major sites rank high consistently for everything is that they have TONS of diverse content. Each product – each piece of content – is like a fishing line. One line can catch you one fish, but 10,000 lines can catch you 10,000 fish.

If you have one product, it’s hard to draw traffic for more than a few of the keywords directly related to that product.

If you have thousands of products, each product is a new chance to attract visitors. That’s why, all else being equal, eCommerce stores with many products have a higher chance of drawing traffic. They have a higher chance of ranking for several products versus putting all their hopes and dreams on one product.

If you’re in the boat of:

I only have one product.

I only have one service.

Never fear! All is not lost.

That’s where a content strategy comes into play.

Of course, the best bet is to create tangentially related, broadly appealing content.

The kind of content that people would be happy to share. Obviously this content has to be new, or it won’t be interesting to share. That can mean new research you performed. That can mean showing your products in a way no one has ever done before. That can mean coming up with a new and fun concept that’s related to the brand.

Of course, the key is quality and consistency, with a targeted focus. Each piece of content must serve the larger whole.

If you want to be a commercial fisherman/woman, you’re going to need more than one line. One line can only capture so many fish!

Doing this on your own is time-consuming and difficult. We can do this for you if you let us!

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