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eCommerce Pictures – Why You Need a DSLR

eCommerce Pictures – Why You Need a DSLR

by Aloa Marketing August 01, 2017

Should you buy a DSLR for taking eCommerce Pictures?

Taking eCommerce Pictures — is your iPhone enough? We’ve all seen the Apple Keynotes. We’ve seen the way the cameras in our phones have improved by leaps and bounds over a few short years ago.

Be honest with me:

Have you been tempted to use your phone camera for your business because:

“It’s so great now and besides, no one call tell the difference anyway?”

God Bless Steve Jobs

The man was a legend and a personal hero. We’ve gone from taking pictures with potatoes to having a full-fledged, slo-mo, HD camera in our pockets at all times. It’s a miracle!

For sharing photos, for sharing our lives with each other… For just about everything.

But taking eCommerce Pictures? I don’t think so.

But it’s good enough!

I hear you saying…

But no one will notice!

You’re really pleading your case now…

But deep down, in your heart of hearts, you know the truth, don’t you. That that little SD card reader on the side of your computer was put there for a reason, and that it’s meant to be used for *something*… 

…but what, exactly?

Let’s Play a Little Game!

It’s called, was this photo taken with an iPhone, or with a DSLR?

eCommerce Pictures taken with a DSLR

That’s a tough one, isn’t it?


It’s pretty obviously not a phone camera, right? I took that the other day in Santa Monica from a friend’s balcony. It took me all of half a second to get it.

Doesn’t it look more significant. Poetic… Artful… Like an advertisement for Marlboro? Like a feeling you might want to buy someday? That’s the power of a DSLR.

I took this with a Canon 70D, which is nothing special compared to the latest and greatest cameras out there for eCommerce pictures. Still, even this camera is a beast for product photography.

Consider the following two images:

Photography - eCommerce Pictures with a DSLR
eCommerce Photography iPhone

It’s pretty clear from these photos I just randomly took which one is the phone and which one is the DSLR, isn’t it?

This is with no lighting, no staging, no nothing.

So if you can make your products look flat, boring, normal, and average with one camera, and enticing, beautiful, seductive, and artful with another, shouldn’t that choice be fairly obvious?

To me, and for taking eCommerce pictures, the difference is night and day.

So much of how people perceive the “quality” of a website comes down to quality photos. The same is true of Instagram and every other platform. Photos are make-or-break, so invest in getting them right for your eCommerce pictures!

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