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Google Bounce – Don’t Hit that Back Button!

Google Bounce – Don’t Hit that Back Button!

by Aloa Marketing August 07, 2017
Google Bounce - Get Those Numbers Down!

Google Bounce Trick: Don’t Hit the ‘Back’ Button!

Google Bounce Rate is an important ranking factor and something you need to pay attention to.

If you’ve gone into Google Analytics at all, which of course is a pillar of a great internet marketing strategy, you’ll be familiar with a few key terms.

Conversion RateThe percentage of all visitors that complete an action you want, e.g. a sale

Bounce RateThe percentage of visitors that leave your site without visiting another page than the home page

And of course, many more…

This Post Is All About Thinking More Like Google

Each time a new Google algorithm update comes along, SEO folk start to panic.


After so many years of watching Google grow up, how can anyone still be mystified at what’s coming next? It’s pretty obvious where things are headed if you look at the past.

Consider the progression of a human baby:

At first, you see it motionless. Then it’s crawling, then walking, then running…

It should be pretty clear by the time you’re at the toddler stage that a human being will evolve into something that can run well — and something that may one day desire to ride a motorcycle to go even FASTER.

Looking at the present and past gives us strong cues as to what the future holds. In the case of Google, the answer is always about: “Getting users the most relevant content for what they are searching for.”

That’s it. No secrets here.

So you wonder, perhaps, why it is that Google will start to look down on your cheaply outsourced copywriting stuffed with garbage keywords in an attempt to move up the rankings.

Well, ask yourself this: Is this content *relevant* or *useful* for any human being? Or is it just still more junk that the internet is plagued with?

Just because you stuff in “auto insurance” 4,000x on a page doesn’t mean it’s useful for anyone.

As Google gets smarter, it will only focus on results that it thinks is relevant.

As SEOs, we have ways to “trick” the system, but these are only temporary solutions. In time, none of this will work.

Google Bounce Rate - Tips

Why Google Bounce Rate is Just Another Word for ‘Relevance’

Google Bounce Rate is one of many ranking factors. Have you ever gotten the results you don’t want in a search? Maybe you wanted a football jersey and instead you clicked on a football club in New Jersey’s home page?

What do you do when you don’t find what you’re looking for on Google?

Why, you IMMEDIATELY click the back button and move on to another search result. That’s a Google Bounce, and that’s a signal to Google that it may have messed up in giving you the results it did.

You probably don’t even think about this when you’re doing it in your daily browsing.

That increased the bounce rate for that site, and that made Google think long and hard about whether or not it was providing you with relevant results. Do this enough times, and that page will start ranking lower for that search term, since no one seems to want that result in the first place.

When we talk hypothetically, it’s easy. But what about for our own pages?

How many times have you opened a private browser tab and Googled one of the keywords you’re trying to rank for, hoping it’s in the top 10 or 5?

Maybe you even click a competitor’s site and browse around, sniffing out the competition.

Well, I got news for ya.

When you search for your keyword, and you click the competitors site and stay there, you are bolstering their position ahead of you in a tiny way. It may not be much, but you are sending a clear signal to Google that their site is relevant.

With my clients, I see them type in their keyword, click on their page in the Google results, then as if confirming that it’s there, they immediately hit the back button.

This just sent Google the signal that their page is *not* relevant, and although it may be a small difference, every little bit counts.

 So today’s tip is this:

If You Google your keyword and your website shows up, click on your link, click a few pages on your site, and LEAVE THE PAGE OPEN FOR A FEW MINUTES IN THE BACKGROUND.

We are trying to always give Google the impression that our page was a relevant one, so you have to act as if you are a random user who found your page very insightful. That means clicking, and staying, and clicking around in the site.

So all those times you nervously check up on your keyword performance, you can either be hurting your rankings or helping them in a tiny way. All other things being equal, choose to help them and lower your Google Bounce rate in the process!

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